2019 Annual Holiday Appeal

A message from our Director:

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone. – Charles M. Schulz

When we are children, we eagerly await the arrival of Santa. We are not dreaming of little extras, we are dreaming big. As we get older, we may still hold out hope for a made-for-TV Christmas morning of a luxury car festooned with a comically large red bow, but the little things really do matter more.

I think Mr. Schulz is on to something.

The little something extras can have an outsized role in improving a bad day. Clearing the snow off a loved-one’s car so they can stay warm and finish their coffee. Seeing the parent with a child in full melt down and letting them go through the checkout before you. Leaving the quarter in the cart at Aldi.

We should make a commitment to little extras this holiday season. Do a little extra for someone when you can.

Here at Kreider Services, we work on making the little extras count. Your support helps us do a lot of little extras that the state doesn’t cover. Think of the little extras that make your life better — and think about helping us make these little extras possible for the folks we support every day. 

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year — and commit to putting Charles Schulz’s words into action.  

Jeff Stauter, Executive Director

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