Home Based Supports

Home Based Supports is a fee-for-service program through the Illinois Department of Human Services and tailored to meet individuals’ evolving needs and preferences for supports. The Home Based Services (HBS) are provided within the individual’s home setting.

Individuals and their guardians may choose the particular array of separate HBS services, up to a monthly dollar cost maximum set by the Illinois Department of Human Services, which best meets the evolving needs of the individual. All services provided must be for the direct benefit of the individual and must be directly related to their disability.

HBS is an option within the adult Medicaid waiver and the Children’s Supports Waiver. For more information on an individual’s eligibility for Home Based Support Services contact Access Services of Northern Illinois.

Access Services of Northern Illinois assists individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families, in accessing their community and its resources, and is the point of entry to access state or federally funded services.